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All Banks.
One Location.
All Welcome.

We welcome any customer,
from any bank,
to do their everyday banking with us.
In person.

We will go out of our way to be welcoming, accessible and above all, helpful.

OneBanks is bringing back face-to-face banking near you. For those who need it. Or prefer it.

Whether you have your own business, need some help getting online, or simply want to do your banking with a person instead of a machine, OneBanks was created to make banking services accessible for all. We represent all the banks that aren’t able to have as many branches as they would like to.

So everyone gets the banking help they need.

Sign up to OneBanks to access everyday banking across all banks in a location close to you…

The safety and security for you and your money is our utmost priority. So, it is simple, convenient and always safe for you. OneBanks is in the process of being authorised to provide a range of payment services in the UK. With offices in London and Glasgow, our team consists of experienced payments and banking professionals.

Perform banking for any of the banks at a OneBanks kiosk

We want to make banking easy by helping people bank in person. Through the open banking platform, we have made our OneBanks kiosks connected to any bank that someone already belongs to. Simply take of picture of a QR code at a Kiosk with the OneBanks app to authenticate. Then view all your bank accounts right in front of you.
Now do all your banking in person.

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Find a OneBanks Location Near You

No local branch? Simply click on a closed bank branch in your town and put in a request for a OneBanks service point.

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You’ll find us in communities across the UK.
We are accessible and nearby for all your banking needs.