Senior DevOps Engineer

Jobs Apr 27, 2022

We’re looking for an experienced DevOps engineer to join our team to work on our AWS infrastructure. Working alongside testers and engineers, you will be responsible for the design and the development of our infrastructure and helping to solve the challenges that present themselves as we scale our operations and customer base.

You should  be

  • Experienced at working with AWS cloud products and services.
  • Familiar with the concepts of infrastructure as code and have previous experience of using tools like Terraform, or Cloud-formation.
  • Able to help mentoring junior software developers in gaining experience and assuming DevOps responsibilities.

What you’ll deliver

  • Security first, zero trust approaches to physical and cloud infrastructure.
  • Infrastructure as code
  • Assist with the development of an inclusive and supportive environment
  • Value to engineering teams, working alongside Software Engineers assisting them by providing input to overall solution design.

Key responsibilities

  • Managing the installation, configuration and deployment of cloud based and physical infrastructure solutions.
  • Collaborating with developers on software requirements, as well as interpreting test stage data.
  • Developing interface simulators and designing automated module deployments.
  • Completing code and script updates, as well as resolving product implementation errors.
  • Overseeing routine maintenance procedures and performing diagnostic tests.
  • Documenting processes and monitoring performance metrics.
  • Conforming to best practices in network administration and cybersecurity.

About OneBanks:

We are an innovative new fintech business bringing in-person banking back to the high street by using cutting edge technology to become the leading shared banking network in the UK.

We believe it’s better to get help in person, with a person, so we understand what you really need. No matter which bank you’re with, you can use OneBanks Hub to deposit and withdraw cash, make payments and get help with setting up or using online banking.

Our mission is ”to create a sense of community by having opportunities for everyday human interaction. In person. By people. For all your everyday banking needs”

We currently have three OneBanks hubs in Scotland with plans to open more across the UK. With a number of exciting partnerships in the pipeline, the future is bright and it’s a great time to come and join us!

About the Engineering team

We’re fully remote working, with occasional trips to kiosks or internal group meeting locations.
We live on Slack, and Google Meet. We do everything online.
We use the latest tools and work approaches, and encourage innovation at every level.

Technology fuels our fire, but we're customer advocates and recognise the responsibility of delivering to those most financially vulnerable in our society. None of our tech stack is fixed though and we always welcome new ideas and regularly experiment with new technologies.

See our technologies here:

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