Our Story

OneBanks for All

Sometimes it feels as if everyone else is up to speed with technology. But many of us are still trying to figure it out. When it comes to things like online banking and banking apps it’s easy to feel left behind.

At OneBanks you can pop in for a chat with one of our team members and ask questions about how to do things.

We believe it’s better to get help in person, with a person, so we understand what you really need.

No matter which bank you’re with, you can use Onebanks to deposit and withdraw cash, make payments and get help with setting up or using online banking.

We hope to meet you soon. To service your everyday banking needs. Face to face.

All banks. One location. All welcome.

We want to do something really radical to banking… bring people back.
Duncan Cockburn

Our mission

Our mission is to create a sense of community
by having opportunities for everyday human interaction.
In person. By people. For all your everyday banking needs.

Designed for Accessibility

Whether you know what you’re doing or don’t know where to start, or simply just want to have a wee chat, we’re here. For everyone’s everyday banking needs.
Because accessibility isn’t an afterthought, it’s how we design things in the first place.

With wheelchair friendly kiosks and sign language available to help the hard of hearing, OneBanks is designed to make sure everyone has access to everyday banking.

Interested in getting a OneBanks Kiosk near you?