OneBanks for All

Somehow, there is an assumption that everyone is up to speed with technology. But many of us are actually still trying to figure it out, and sometimes feel left behind.

It’s okay to ask questions about how to do things. And ask in person. Not over the phone with a voice from the other side of the world. Or a chatbot.

We believe it’s better to get help in person, with a person, so we understand what someone really needs.

So we want to do something really radical to banking…

Bring people back. 

But it will be easier to get to. You get to do it in person. Whether you want to deposit cash, or just get online. By using the open banking platform we can make this happen, with a simple tap.

Whether you need a bit of help or don’t know where to start…
or simply just want to have a wee chat, we’re here. For everyone.
Because accessibility isn’t an afterthought, it’s how we design things in the first place.

That’s why our mission is to create a sense of community
by having opportunities for everyday human interaction.
In person. By people. For all your banking needs.

All banks. One location. All welcome.

With a OneBanks account, easily add and access one or more of your bank accounts in one handy profile.
Then visit your local OneBanks right in the heart of your community.

Sign up process will start in November