OneBanks is coming to Kilwinning. So, you can do your everyday banking, in person.
We’re open now for a meet and greet, and transactions will be live very soon.

Bank branches might have closed in Kilwinning. But OneBanks is open.

Over the years, bank closures have made things difficult for the people of Kilwinning. But now that OneBanks is here you can do your everyday banking in the centre of town, inside the Co-op.

No matter which bank you’re with, you can use Onebanks to deposit and withdraw cash, make payments and get help with setting up or using online banking.

You can choose to bank in whatever way suits you best.

Meet the Kilwinning team

You’ll always find 2 friendly team members ready to help with whatever you need. Why not pay us a visit and see how we can help you with your everyday banking?

It’s important to me to deliver the WOW factor with each customer interaction.

One of my best attributes is my friendly personality, which helps me gain trust and confidence from my clients.

My speciality is putting you at ease with a joke and a smile.

One of my best attributes is my friendly personality, which helps me gain trust and confidence from my clients.

I’m good at being patient with others, especially when it comes to helping people.

I’d like to help customers feel safer and more at ease with their money and everyday banking.

I would love to help people transition to online banking, with a little help from me.

OneBanks App

Whether you want to deposit cash or just get online, by using the open banking platform we can make your everyday banking needs happen, with a simple tap.
The OneBanks team will show you how.

Find Out More next time you’re in Kilwinning’s Co-op

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How OneBanks is Helping Kilwinning

It’s going to be beneficial for shopkeepers in the town because we really need somewhere where we can bank. There’s still a lot of people using cash.
Hugh (Shug) the Florist

It will be great for people who are having to go out of town, especially the older generation.
Michael at the Fruit Basket

I use cash. In my world, it’s still king.
Jack Rolland, Resident

Come and visit us

You’ll find us just inside the Kilwinning Co-op. Why not pop in for a wee chat?

We’re open when it suits you.


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